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kasin valve pipe fitting
1 non clogging sewage pump compact integral structure, small volume, low noise, energy-saving effect significantly, convenient maintenance, no need of pump room, dived into the water to work, greatly reducing the project cost. 2 non clogging sewage pump seal oil chamber is provided with Water Leakage high-precision interference detection sensors, stator winding embedded within the thermal components, automatic protection of electric pumps. 3 non clogging sewage pump can be based on user needs to be equipped with full automatic control cabinet for the pump Water Leakage, leakage, overload and over temperature and so on automatic protection, improve the safety and reliability of the product. 4 non clogging sewage pump using a unique single or double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the dirt through the ability, can effectively through 5 times of pump diameter and 50% of pump diameter solid particles. 5 non clogging sewage pump mechanical seal decay using a new type of hard material of titanium and tungsten, can pump the security more than 8000 hours of continuous operation. 6 float switches can be changed according to the required level, automatically control the pump to start and stop, do not need special care, is extremely easy to use. Custer wine imports pump valve 7.WQ series can be based on user need to be equipped with double rail automatic coupling installation system, it is to install, repair convenience, but this may not enter the sewage pit. 8 sewage pump can be used in the whole head, and promise not to overload motor. 9 sewage pump two types of installation, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system.
Operation Department, Ministry of industry and information technology of deputy inspector Jing Xiaobo analysis of the current situation of development of the industrial economy by the "unprecedented complex" to describe. Then, gradually disappear, the demographic dividend China international economic downturn, as well as the third industrial revolution background, where the development of the equipment manufacturing industry to Chinese? Around the above issues, organized by the center of research in manufacturing industry by LIAN international equipment equipment 2013 industrial development situation analysis meeting of the 2013 blue book "Conference" equipment industry recently held in beijing.
Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council General Office Office issued the "about to guide the rural circulation of land management right in order agriculture moderate large-scale management development of opinions", and issued a notice, requirements of various departments and localities actual conscientiously implemented.
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kasin valve pipe fitting


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kasin valve pipe fitting
kasin valve pipe fitting

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